Our 2023 Partners



Exhibitor Partner

Based in Fremont, California, Bionova Scientific is a biologics CDMO offering world-class services built on a foundation of strong process science. Our team shares decades of experience in late stage and commercial launch projects, specializing in mammalian cell culture production of mAbs, bispecifics, fusion proteins and other recombinant proteins.

We operate a brand-new commercial-ready GMP biologics manufacturing facility to provide clinical and commercial production for clients.  We recently initiated an expansion program that will quadruple our GMP manufacturing capacity.


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Expertise Partner

Manifold Bio is a protein therapeutics company with the only high-throughput in vivo biologics design platform of its kind. The platform leverages a novel protein barcoding technology, mCodes, that allows characterizing biodistribution of hundreds of protein drug candidates simultaneously in a single organism. We are leveraging the platform in building a pipeline of complex biologics, including multispecifics and tissue-targeting biologics. The platform is scaling from 100 to 1000-plex in vivo capability and represents a paradigm shift for overcoming grand challenges in unlocking the next generation of precision biologics.


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Event Partner

Ginkgo Bioworks - a synthetic biology company - is the leading horizontal platform for cell programming. Our mission is to make biology easier to engineer. Clients across the biotech/pharma industry are leveraging Ginkgo's platforms to engineer the next generation of therapies. The breadth of capabilities and modalities include biologics, RNA, cell and gene therapy design, optimization and manufacturing. Ginkgo is ready to support your team in the discovery and development of your best in class therapeutic.