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Welcome to the 2nd Antibody & Fusion Protein Engineering &
Developability Summit

With recent antibody based therapeutic deals in the $Billions, it’s clear progressing the right candidate is a worthwhile investment. But with higher pressures than ever before on speed to market and reducing development costs, predicting, and engineering the winning candidate in discovery and early development is vital.

Increase your learnings with an extended program for 2024 that delves into complex antibody-based therapeutics, including antibody-protein fusions, complex bispecific, antibody drug conjugates, and co-formulated mAbs, and how to overcome lack of stability, immunogenicity concerns and optimal formulations.

Join Your Peers to:

Utilize artificial intelligence to enhance the profiling of extensive antibody repertoires with Regeneron and investigate the potential of automation in revolutionizing high-throughput antibody screening procedures alongside Novartis.

Gather insights to transform workflow enhancements in development processes by enhancing workflow adaptability, employing data analytics to improve development, and addressing molecule variability issues in collaboration with GSK, Salubris Biotherapeutics, and Sanofi.

Address challenges related to immunogenicity in antibody and fusion protein engineering, including exploring case studies, adopting the latest technology, and aligning with regulatory expectations in partnership with Incyte to formulate comprehensive risk assessments for mitigating immunogenicity concerns.

Utilize machine learning for efficient lead characterization to streamline the identification process and resource allocation with Regeneron, and utilize AI models to unravel the activity of protein pools, streamlining the identification of candidates with Juvena Therapeutics.

Who Will You Meet?

Join your peers working in antibody discovery, development and engineering at the only industry-led event sharing developability cross learnings across antibody fusions and complex antibody-based drugs.

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What Your Peers Have to Say

ModeX Box

‘’Informative and intimate setting with lots of networking opportunities, high quality speakers and chair.’’

Head Of Biologics Discovery & Development, ModeX Therapeutics

‘’Fantastic event to network with colleagues and share top discovery in Fc engineering to improve attributes of drug therapeutics.’’

Senior Director Immunology, Seismic Therapeutic

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Asher Box

‘’Excellent time getting to see others in the field and hear about their experiences.’’

Senior Scientist, Protein Engineering, Asher Biotherapeutics Inc.

‘’Great event! Loved all of the speakers and learnt some new technology from the event.’’

Scientist Protein Engineering, Horizon Discovery

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