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Predict, Screen, Engineer & Progress the Winning Candidate Optimized for Immunogenicity, Stability, Titre, & Desired Formulation Format to Reduce Drug Development Cost & Time

Engineering Safety & Developability for Complex Antibody-Based Therapeutics

The Antibody & Fusion Protein Engineering & Developability Summit is the protein developers’ playbook on selecting and engineering the billion-dollar candidate, that can pair the right biology with a smooth progression through development.

Uniting 50+ experts spanning Antibody Discovery & Library Design, Bioanalytical Chemistry & Biomarkers, Biologics Characterization, Expression & Purification, Molecular Engineering & Antibody Technologies and Protein Science & Antibody Engineering, the Summit will equip you to take the guess work out of fusion & antibody-derived protein drug development, reducing drug development cost and time which has never been so important than in today’s funding environment.

Previously Attending Companies Include:

Companies Attending 48246
Fuse Box

‘’I really enjoyed the scientific nature of the meeting whereby everyone felt comfortable to ask critical questions and engage in debates. The summit was an excellent place to network and debate with like-minded scientists.’’

CSO, Fuse Biotherapeutics Inc

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